Samantha Ushedo

Samantha is a life coach, holistic nutritionist and sales professional, with a passion for helping women and girls recognize the vital importance of choosing themselves first. 

As an avid soccer player, health nut and self-proclaimed personal development junkie, Samantha is committed to the pursuit of exquisite self-care and inspiring others to do the same.  She loves to travel, coffee is her kryptonite (one americano with almond milk coming right up!) and she believes our purpose in life is not to seek happiness, but rather experience and growth, and with that happiness comes as a natural byproduct. 

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Sarah Bester

Sarah Bester (CNP) is a Family Nutritionist and Picky Eating Coach who helps busy moms to end the cycle of picky eating and take-out dinners, so their families can learn to LOVE mealtime again.

As a certified nutritionist, with an expertise in feeding and healthy habit development, Sarah knows the importance of raising healthy eaters.  As a mom “in the trenches” with two young kids, she also knows first hand how challenging it can be to actually get a meal on the table (and the frustration that follows when kids refuse to eat it!)  Through easy to follow steps, and simple strategies, she provides moms with the tools to quickly and easily feed their families.  Her mission is to prove to parents that their kids can learn to love a wide variety of food (yep, even veggies!) and that mealtime can be fun, not a battle. 

Through her interactive workshops, supportive one-on-one coaching programs and online group “Picky Eater Reboot” program, Sarah is inspiring healthy habits and happy, drama-less mealtimes for families everywhere.

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Jesse Lane Lee

Jesse Lane Lee, BSc, CNP, is a cheerful Holistic Nutritionist, cookbook author and cooking class instructor. She is the founder of, a web-based holistic nutrition practice and holistic recipe resource. Jesse Lane believes that healthy eating can be easy, fun and most of all delicious! She struggled with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and food allergies on and off for most of her life. During this time, she discovered that when our tummies are upset, soup is the perfect solution. Its warm temperature allows it to easily move through the digestive system and it contains lots of fiber which eases digestive upset.

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Danielle Binns

Danielle Binns is a Pediatric Nutritionist & Picky Eating Expert. More importantly, she’s a mom who gets it. Motherhood is difficult in its own right. But when your child doesn’t eat well, mom’s naturally worry. Danielle’s first daughter was an extremely picky eater and mealtimes were a constant stress. Today her daughter is thriving and one of the most adventurous kids at the dinner table. 

With qualifications in Holistic Nutrition and Children’s Feeding, Danielle knows firsthand how to transform picky eaters into healthy eaters. Her evidence-based strategies and “Picky Eater Protocol” changed mealtimes forever for many families, including her own. Understanding the stress that comes with raising a picky eater, she is equally committed to helping moms achieve health and happiness. So they too can start seeing motherhood in a bright and colourful way.

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Rosemary Whiteside (CNP)

Rosemary is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) and graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. Her 30 years in healthcare include wellness-based, patient-centred approaches to functional medicine and illness prevention.  Rosemary has studied mindfulness, spiritual balance, therapies to overcome chronic fatigue, therapeutic touch modalities, as well as various detoxification protocols throughout the United States and Canada. She manages a nutritional counselling and personal wellness practice, which draws on her skills as health practitioner, high-performance athlete, chef, therapist and mother.  

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Jeffron de Savoye

Jeffron de Savoye, CNP, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. She graduated First Class Honours and Valedictorian from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, Canada. She is founder and owner of Evergreen Healthy Living. Nothing makes Jeffron happier than helping people feel energized, healthy and happy.

Growing up in the 70’s, a holistic approach to health was never discussed. However, upon diagnosis of breast cancer in 2006, the first thing Jeffron did was make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. It was at this point that she discovered the powerful preventative and healing properties of whole foods. Today, Jeffron shows her clients that what we eat, what we think, what we put on our skin and the environmental influences around us, are all contributing factors in overall health. Jeffron coaches each client to BE healthy and FEEL healthy from the inside out.

Jeffron gets super excited about visiting farmer’s markets, flow yoga, restorative yoga, book club with girlfriends, spending time with her kids, and dancing with her husband. As an avid food lover, she is passionate about sharing healthy recipes with friends, family and clients.

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Brittany Turner

Brittany Turner is a Personal Coach and Facilitator with a mission to transform people’s quarter life crises from fearful to courageous. Brittany offers personal coaching, workshops, and wellness consultation through The Courage Collective - an online blog and company she started over the course of a very courageous time in her own life. It was through her own positive experience with a Life Coach and deep personal work, that Brittany tapped into the power of her own mind and realized the ways in which her negative self-talk, fear, and self-doubt were holding her back. Brittany has been fuelled by the need that millennials have for support and resources that help them to do the thing that no one teaches you how to do - navigate your 20's and 30's, the most formative years of one's life. Brittany specializes in working with 20-30 somethings by tailoring personal coaching packages to what young people need most: Clarity, Calm, and Courage.


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Liz Murray

Chef Liz has marvelled at exquisite ingredients since she was a young kid! From experiencing the juicy sweetness of a sun ripened home grown heirloom tomato, to the aroma and depth of flavour of toasted sesame seeds, she is eternally enamoured and amazed by what fresh whole foods have to offer. She strongly believes that seeking out fresh, organic, and as local as possible ingredients, not only brings you nutritionally superior foods that the body requires to function well, but also deeply satiates and quenches the hunger for real food. In a perfect world, she would wish that people acknowledged this essential kind of eating for what it is: nourishing, health supportive, preventative and healing medicine.

About the Chef

Chef Liz Murray has been working in the culinary field for over 20 years. In the past she owned and operated a successful vegetarian restaurant. Today, Chef Liz teaches cooking classes, leads workshops, and provides private chef services. She is a graduate of The Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, a leading accredited Chef Training Program in New York City, that focuses on whole foods nutrition, as well as modern and classical cooking techniques. Embracing a philosophy of “tradition in the kitchen,” Chef Liz Murray keeps food real, clean and whole.