Workout: “Lucky Number 7″


Well, hopefully Santa was really nice to everyone this year!

He got us days away from the office to spend time with family and friends (my favourite gift), and he also brought the gift of good health in the form of a 7′ Olympic bar!

So in the spirit of Christmas – we had to put this new gift to use.


Olympic Bar 7′ (or Sandbag or Kettlebells/Dumbbells or Resistance Bands – even a duffle bag filled with something to add resistance will suffice.)  

Where you see the Olympic bar – use your choice of resistance in place of it.


7 exercises total. Each exercised is performed for 50 seconds, followed by 10 seconds of rest.  As many reps as possible.

3 Rounds for reps of:
(one round consists of going through the following 7 exercises)

1. High Knees (with skipping rope or just running on the spot!) 50 sec on/10 off
2. Superman Flutters - 50 sec on/ 10 off
3. Pullups or Bent Over Row with resistance - 50 sec on/ 10 off
4. Sumo (wide leg) Dead Lift with Upright Row - 50 sec on/ 10 off
5. Push Press - 50 sec on/ 10 off
6. Wall Sits (one of my favs – they hurt so good) - 50 sec on/ 10 off
7. Lunge Jumps (another one of my favs) - 50 sec on/ 10 off

Danielle Binns, CNP, BA