Seventeen 2017 Emerging Trends in Wellness


December 5, 2016

Seventeen 2017 Emerging Trends in Wellness – fearless predictions and with thanks to the many who have gone before us who provide insight, inspiration and predictions of their own:

  1. New retail models will create a wellness hybrid…Athleisure is coming on strong
  2. We’ve loved the notion of integrative health for years now.  Think of all-inclusive wellness studios with focus on regularly scheduled visits for prevention
  3. Subset of #2…what the studio operators will provide sound experiences that help you forget there was ever a thing called Muzak.  Sound will play an enabling role in wellness programs
  4. Healthy travel.  Medi-spas. Exotic farm-to-table cooking schools.  The new experiential model is wellness.  We’ve always loved the slogan The Great Adventure of Living Well
  5. Food we love.  Get it while it's hot.  Cauliflower pizza.  Seaweed salad.  Pumpkin seeds.  Anything to do with avocado.  The high-fat/low-carb revolution has begun.  Butter tarts with bacon…?  May not fit the pedigree, but it’s damn good!
  6. The workplace will continue to evolve as a nourishing, supportive environment.  This has taken a while to gain traction, but Corporate Social Responsibility is moving more to the internal wellness environment
  7. Weird stuff will become mainstream.  Sensory deprivation tanks.  Simulated freefalling.  Virtual reality. Bio-calibration.  Today’s weird is tomorrow’s new sensation
  8. Professionally we have issue with coffee.  Personally, ambrosia.  Yes, coffee’s ‘third wave’ is breaking – at home and away
  9. Indoor gardens are sublime and connected to eastern modalities for calm.  Beautifies the home, because…
  10. Home-as-sanctuary is part of de-cluttering, downsizing, making-do-with-less/not-wanting-more, general feel-good about spare home essentials
  11. One word: Juice
  12. Two words: Bone Broth
  13. Healthy Water. Better Life.
  14. We have trouble saying the word, but ‘Nootropics’ are smart drugs that claim to increase cognition and focus.  Seems that distractions can be, well, distracting.  Any natural recipe for anxiety is fine by us, however…
  15. When the student is ready the teacher appears.  Readers of these Chronicles know we value self-management.  The trend is moving in the right direction.  Taking responsibility for our own well-being is the best place to start the wellness journey
  16. New farm crops include opportunities in Chinese herbs, and…
  17. The 420 herb is going mainstream in ways to make you happy, not necessarily high.  This could be a very good thing.

Happy Wellness in 2017! 

Rosemary Whiteside, CNP