Love Food That Loves You


December 5, 2016

Over 40% of North American adults live with a chronic disease; 10% of whom – and the number’s growing – are dealing with more than five illnesses simultaneously.  

In the face of an epidemic, it's startling to know half of all chronic disease is preventable. And how much prevention is food-based. 

Success in prevention depends on the belief that improvements to your health ought to start with you.  

Success comes from awareness, mindfulness, attitude and commitment to being in charge of your own excellent health.  And it starts with food.

There are limits to what science can do for you if you’re not committed to good health in the first place.  Take the first step.  Commit to yourself.  Defy the limits.  Love Food That Loves You.

This is simple and easy to master.  Plan your meals.  Strike a balance of protein and vegetables. Reduce your reliance on sugar and salt.  Know the person who grew what you’re eating.  Get off the processed food wagon.  Seek out more natural organic.  Be less acidic – in your outlook and your food choices.

When addressing a potentially dangerous health diagnosis, wise experts advise: “Eliminate dairy, wheat, alcohol and caffeine.”  Why wait for danger to receive such a valuable message?  Eat according to the 80/20 rule…80% compliance with your plan with 20% set aside for occasional side-trips to indulgence. 

Be mindful of what you eat and how. Eat to enjoy; eat to nourish.  Leave leftovers.  Always eat slowly. Pretend every meal is in the presence of royalty. Be respectful of each eating occasion.  Eat at regular intervals.  

Snacking is over-rated; if you must, snack in moderation and always raw if you can tolerate.  

Raw is powerful.  So are good fats.  Good fats help your brain so you can be a more informed driver of your own good health.

Be curious.  Experiment.  Be aware of your meals in advance.  Know what you’re looking to accomplish.  Quality local organic will always be a better, more flavourful choice than the supermarket special.  You’ll love the taste and it’ll love you right back.   

No amount of good food you eat will undo the bad water you drink.  Three-quarters of the North American population is dehydrated.  (Water will be a topic of a future discussion.)  In the meantime, know that water is key in how it helps process nutrients and buffer pH.  Drink lots and lots and lots of quality water.  Quality water is the true ‘secret sauce’.

When you Love Food That Loves You it’s never about the packaging, the promotions or the preservatives.  It’s about awakening new tastes, enjoying better health and ensuring the life you love is well fed by food that loves you back.

Rosemary Whiteside, CNP