Enjoy Plan


December 5, 2016

Previous Chronicles have spoken about how to Love Food That Loves You and about the health and hidden benefits of Deep Belly Breathing

We’ve called out future discussion of the Mouth as Pathway to Better Health, as well as the Importance of Healthy Water – both soon to come.

Today we are pleased to present an important set of steps toward wellness – our own ENJOY Plan.

E = Eliminate the burden of chronic pain, stress and accumulated toxins that have taken up residence in your body.  

N = Nourish the body and soul with good food, water and lifestyle that supports a healthy immune system.

J = Join in activity that develops the mind-body connection in ways that requires effort, delivers pleasure and accelerates the natural detoxification process.

O = Optimize breathing, airways, structure, blood circulation and digestion.

Y = Yourself is the place where personal responsibility drives the wellness engine.  You are the solution not the problem!

Plan = those desired outcomes that include personal happiness and excellent health.

The ENJOY Plan takes up the wellness challenge of the future:
“What will it take to get ourselves to accept responsibility to manage our own health? It does not matter how old you are or what your condition is now.   Those who are sick are sicker than they should be.  Those who are healthy should not get sick.” 

Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University

ENJOY has a place in the changing landscape of wellness and we will deal with 2017’s Emerging Trends in Wellness in an upcoming discussion.  

Meanwhile, fast-moving change in health care is creating new opportunities to meet the wellness challenge. The definitions of health are expanding, encompassing everything from food to pharma; beauty to consumer electronics; fitness to hospitality and entertainment. New attitudes are spurring new health models and ‘Wellness’ is now mainstream.

We see balance and energy as vital to health management; and, where taking responsibility for one’s own health is coming in new forms as there are pressures and incentives to be healthy. 

The impact of unhealthy lifestyles and an aging population is clogging the system.  This has revealed the mobile nature of healthcare as it migrates to new settings…ie. retail-style clinics and medical spa’s; medical tourism; web-based support networks; and mutual collaboration-based user-generated media.

There is growing consumer demand that healthcare stakeholders innovate and integrate different types of wellness.  It’s an important, exciting, challenging time to be discovering ‘Wellness’.  It’s a good time to ENJOY… 

Rosemary Whiteside, CNP