Alone on a desert island, the healthcare professional you most want to see…your Dentist!

For those remembering Tom Hanks performing a tooth extraction using a figure skate, this Chronicle may seem absurd.

The point isn’t absurd. Your mouth is your most important gateway.  Keeping it healthy keeps you healthy.

The most important functional and intrinsic values of healthy humans are those directly associated with a healthy mouth.  

Smiling releases endorphins…keeps you healthy – and sane.  It’s the most important moderating influence of life’s ups and downs. Crucial to survival.

Healthy teeth produce confident smiles.  Confidence breeds resiliency.

Good chewing action (think coconuts) releases the digestive juices to absorb nature’s nutrients. Not-good-chewing leads to starvation.  Dentures are not an option.

A good bite supports good skeletal structure.  

A lousy bite means your airway is compromised…you’re mouth-breathing – you have sleep apnea…there’s probably a forward tilt to your head and it affects your posture – you get back pain; your knees hurt…you’re cranky; not sleeping well – probably napping some quiet afternoon when the rescue ship goes by.

All because you got nobody to fix your crummy bite.

Desert island living can be stressful.  You want your cardiovascular stuff to be operating just so.  
Regular teeth cleanings can reduce heart attacks. (…even if that’s anecdotal vs. empirical, why fight common sense?)

All of us can relate directly to the value of a healthy mouth.  

We can easily see how good communication, absorption, ingestion, digestion, attraction, salutation, inhalation relate to a healthy mouth.  Our structural physiology and emotional psychology consociate, interdepend and connect with la bouche.
Think of all that’s in that last sentence.  You’re going to need those words playing solo Scrabble on your island getaway…or you can talk to your Dentist.

Rosemary Whiteside, CNP