Why You Should Practice Gratitude

We all know the importance of being thankful for what we have. The people in our lives, the opportunities we get, and any other goodness that may come to us. But practicing gratitude is more than just being thankful. It’s a powerful tool that we can harness to draw more positivity into our lives and manifest abundance in more ways than we thought possible.

Energetically speaking, when we are grateful, our vibrations are elevated to reflect the positivity we feel on the inside. This shift is felt by those around us and is more often than not, reflected back to us because we feel so good to be around. When you’re in a negative state of mind or identifying with a victim mindset, one of the quickest ways to pull yourself out of it is to think of all that you have to be grateful for. Just listing off these things in our minds (big or small) and really letting ourselves feel them, is a way to instantly shift our mood.

When we are actively grateful, we tend to open up to the world and invite more goodness in. Positive thoughts breed more positive thoughts and by continually manifesting gratitude, we signal to the universe or any higher force that you believe in, that we’re ready for more good things. You will begin to see a multiplying effect where abundance begins to show up in many areas of your life. It’s almost like acting as though what you want is already there. When you’re desperate and impatient for good things to come, you’re operating from a scarcity or ‘lack of’ mindset. This means that you are primarily thinking of what you DON’T have. When you practice gratitude, you think of all that you DO have and shift your mindset to one of abundance.

A practice of gratitude is most effective when done on a daily basis. Do this by writing or saying out loud three to five things that you are grateful for each day. Be mindful each time you receive something, whether it be food, money, praise, or anything at all, practice a deep feeling of gratitude. Pause and let yourself feel the power of receiving something good. Notice the shifts in how you feel when you’re operating at an optimal grateful state. Write them down, relish in them, and keep manifesting!

Brittany Turner